Answers to the quiz.......

1. Waterbom park is really wicked, there are rides for kidz of all ages. The racetrack is really fast and you can race your mates on the jungle ride.

2. You can say thank you by saying  teremah kasih...say tremma car see.

3. Hindu which is different from the type in India. It is a mix of Hindu, Buddhist, Javanese and other local beliefs. The people are really great and friendly. The people from Java are Muslims.

4. Heaps of flavors - strawberry, lime and whatever you can think of.

5. Bali is part of Indonesia

6. There are about 3 million people in Bali . The capital city is Denpasar which has a great shop for cheap Playstation games in the Matahari Shopping Centre. There is also a Timezone on the top floor and it is really cheap.

7. We all had chips and satay when we didn't eat Bali food. Even if it is not on the menu they will get it if you ask for it.

8. You can only drink the bottled water , but why would you want to? there are cool drinks and they are really cheap at the local supermarkets. The lollies are also cheap and your parents can get their drinks and put them in the hotel fridge.