Balibelly back from Bali


Left Brisbane Air Paradise - flight was excellent - yummy food (chicken satay or beef, rice and noodles) Hubby and I decided a Bintang at 10am in the morning was OK too -we missed the Bintang - couldnt wait! We were moved to the front of the line at the airport - had to purchase visa for all of us (family of 4) we havent been to Bali for 3 years and didnt know of this charge - 25USD each- cost us $140 AUD(a whole day in Bali). Prepaid taxi at airport cost 25,000RUP drove halfway to the hotel and forgot the pram - bummer! Stayed at Alam Kul Kul we requested a room opening up to the back pool area - ground floor. We have two children aged 5 and 6months - this is a must- you can swim while bubby is sleeping -the other rooms are dark and dingy! Fantastic hotel - brekkie yummy - huge buffet! First night we ate at Kori Restaurant, Poppies II. Cost $295,000RUP and we had calamari, wontons, chicken satay and lots of cocktails - they have happy hour wednesday after 8pm. Make sure you sit at the back in one of the warungs in the garden it so relaxing. The kids slept while we ate and breathed in the Bali air. A little expensive for Bali - but well worth it! Next day we went to Waterbom $18-50USD for adults and I think $9 USD for kids. I love it at waterbom the food is yummy and they have a new kids area. You can return another day for $5USD adult $2 for children. Worth it just to chill out on lazy river. When we returned for the 2nd day we saw Guy Sebastian floating around lazy river with his girlfriend. Everyone was going around crazy with the cameras - it was just my luck not to have my camera with me!
Next day we went shopping donw poppies II. They seemed to have everything and more! We bought all our dvds from softcomp buy 10 get 3 three. Have checked most and so far all working. The only ones bad quality are the really new releases still at the movies but still ok. Paid 10,000RUP for Von Dutch, Paul Frank and Mooks, shorts, t-shirts, singlets and skirts. 30,000RUP for mens ripcurl boardies, 40,000RUP Louis Vitton small bags, wallets, cigarette cases with lighter, 20,000-40,000 for watches, 25,000RUP for ladies sandals, 30,000 for mens surf brand shirts and singlets. If you are looking one of those bed mosquito nets you hang over your bed buy it in Bali - we bought one back home for $180AUD they sell heaps of them for about 300,000RUP (approx.45AUD). After a huge day of shopping and swimming in the pool we headed to Wayan and Friends on JL Padma for a yummy feed. We had our wedding reception there 4 years ago and I know we shouldnt be eating aussie food in Bali but we cant resist their chicken snitzel, mashed potatoes and vegies with gravy 40,000RUP. It is the yummiest you have ever tasted. So when youve had enough of mie goreng and nasi go there - although that is pretty yummy too. Wayan will even look after the kids while you eat.
Holidaying in Bali with the kids especially the bub was different but still lots of fun! Having the room by the pool was fantastic. Once the kids were asleep hubby and I could go for a late night swim. We took the pram with us but we ended up buying a sarong and I tied that around myself and bubby as a sling to carry him whilst shopping - much easier than braving the footpaths with the pram.
Next day we went to the elephants - we booked by ringing the no. on the back of the brochures - you can pick them up from the hotel - you save 10%. It cost around $200 AUD for 2 adults and 1 child - we didnt get charged for our 6month old. This included transport, entry, elephant ride and lunch. Well worth the trip our 5 year old loved it. Plenty of photos and on the ride the elephants shake the trees to get the coconuts and pick up things. They even take you through the water. My husband held our baby on one elephant and I had our 5 yr old with me. Along the way our baby decided to get hungyr and screamed the jungle down so we had to tranfer him over to me - so here I was on an elephant, with my 5yr old son and breastfeeding my 6month baby. My hubby had to have a photo - its not everyday you get to do that!
Will post more on our trip - have to go getting tired!