Banjar Hot Springs

The Banjar hot springs are in the hills above Lovina beach. There is a small market before the springs. The springs are separated into 3 areas, the top area is the hottest and the next two areas progressively cooler. The last has water falling from about 20 feet and it can give you a great massage. The water is green and has a slight slimy feel. The kids enjoyed visiting and having a swim followed by an ice cream at the restaurant. You will need to take towels as they are not available and it costs 3000 Rp for a family to get in. If you decide to stay for lunch there is an excellent restaurant (Komala Tirta) at the hotel on the left just before the entrance to the springs. Lunch with drinks was around $15. The staff are really friendly and let the children play with the musical instruments on the stage whilst we ate lunch.

Well again, get there early. The springs are cleaned each morning and it is best to arrive soon as you can. Again arrange your own transport as it will give you more flexibility with time.