The dolphins at Lovina are a real tourist attraction. The bad news is we did not see any Lumba Lumba (dolphins in indo). The good news is that we had a fun couple of hours on the ocean in a local fisherman's boat. You can comfortably fit 3 people to a boat and the ride costs

30,000 Rp per person. If you do a deal with the fisherman on the beach you may get a few extras such as a donut with coffee for breakfast on the boat. The majority of tours start at 6 am and finish at 8 am.

 Go for the fun of the boat trip and if you see the dolphins you get a bonus.

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Or final day began with a dolphin tour at 5:30 am. We got a real buzz out of this tour:) Seeing the beautiful calm sea, the black sand with the interesting boats was great but actually going out on the water and seeing splash of the boat and the coast line with the sunrise over the mountains was absolutely fabulous. But there was more - the dolphins!! Our guide Ketut Juari was highly skilled at spotting areas where the dolphins would appear and getting us the best view point possible. I don't think that the dolphins were at all bothered about the boats that have come out to see them.Julie 10/03

it was 6am and it already bright. the air was definitely cool n refreshing! after 20 mins of ride , we saw the other boats moving ard before it hit us that we r "chasing" after the dolphins :p i dunno but the dolphins seem to have fun playing hide & seek with us. it was everywhere except near our boat and we got a little sad coz we only caught glimpses. Putra's friend stayed in the same spot while the others moved ard n the wait paid off. the school of dolphins swam near us n the baby actually did a somersault in the air. heheh was so engrossed watching them that i forgot to record it on movie mode... 12/03