If you want to know more about driving in Bali. Here goes:

The first thing that you need to know about driving in Bali is that you need a drivers licence - that is an International one that you can organise at home or a licence that you can do a test for in Bali. If you choose to do the test in Bali, you will need to be prepared to go into Denpasar and be patient in filling in forms and waiting to do a driving test. Our suggestion is to get an International licence before you leave!

There are many places to hire a car or motorbike in Bali, there are small local businesses through to International companies, such as Budget. The price of a car at the bigger companies is set and at the smaller local companies you can ‘ discuss price’, this seems to be very much the case with motorbikes. Make sure that you get insurance and that it is real and that you know what the excess is. There can be major problems in Bali if you have an accident and hurt a local, and in negotiating with the car hire company for compensation for damage.

But many people prefer the freedom of having their own transport when in Bali and would never travel without hiring a car or bike.

So what are some of the road rules –