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Eating Out

This is the Tunjung Cafe in Legian ( currently being renovated!) , a good place for a meal ...

Eating out is one of the great joys on a holiday to Bali .There are so many restaurants to choose from that you can be overwhelmed. We will describe a few that we tried and identify those we enjoyed. It is really hard to keep this up to date because the restaurants are always changing .

There are a few general tips. The first being that hotel restaurants are generally more expensive that those on the streets. We were eating American breakfast from 8000 20 000 Rp. These included fresh fruit juice, tea or coffee, two eggs (any style) with small pieces of bacon, pancakes and usually a fruit platter. Great Value - the same breakfast can be well over 50 000 Rp in a hotel.

We all tried a wide range of food including salads and often have ice in our drinks and none of us had Bali Belly. The majority of restaurants use purified water to prepare food and for ice and this has become common in the popular tourist areas. We advise caution when you venture away from these areas. The local food Nasi goreng (Fried rice) Bakmi or Mie goreng (fried noodles) Sate Ayam Chicken satay, are always good value. Our kids set their own menu many times eating chicken satay and chips!! For the unadventurous you can also get toasted sandwiches and jaffles . There is a wide range of drinks available. These include soft drinks , Milkshakes and all sorts of fresh fruit juices.

Kids enjoying a meal out at Tekor Bali in Legian..



Food - A wide range of food.

    Site - Poppies Lane

    For the kids -  It is right in Poppies Lane and there a shops and activities happening all around the area.

Comment - A good night out friendly staff. The kids enjoyed the pizzas, we enjoyed the grilled tuna.

Cost -  $35 with drinks for 2 + 2. 


Food - Wide range of food. Good size serves.

Site -  Jalan Kartika Kuta. On the main drag. ( T 754670)

For the kids - No TV or entertainment for the kids.

Transport - On request, if close by.

Comments - Fairly basic but good value. Only serve Anker beer but it is cold.


Food - Good place for munchies burgers, pizzas and snacks etc.

Fan - Yes.

Site - On the main drag Jalan Kartika. T (754134)

For the kids - Surf videos.

Transport - This is close to Centre of Kuta. Ask for by name.

Value - The food is good and you can get western meals for a break or good Indonesian. At the upper end in the price scale - meals around 30,000 Rph and plus.

Comments - There is music/surfboards on the roof/surf vids on TV's. There is also sumo wrestling on some nights and the kids enjoyed it.


Food - Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Excellent value breakfasts.

Fan - Yes.

Site - On Jalan Kartika - Upstairs, near Dynasty Hot. T (754552)

For the kids - Not much but quick service.

Have a fish tank.

Value - Good.

Comments - A clean well- managed restaurant. Ask for a discount card and get 10% off your meals. They have nights where they serve good western style meals.


Food - A good menu with a wide range of food.

Site - Poppies Lane Kuta. T (751059)

For the kids - If this is busy we wouldn't recommend it for kids.

Transport - No.

Value - More expensive.

Comments - A well renowned restaurant. You will need a reservation.


This is the kitchen at the Tunjung Cafe in Legian - stainless steel and clean!


Food - Range of Asian and European dishes.

Fans - Yes and they work.

Site - Across from the beach at Legian. T (753546)

For the kids - There is a pool table, darts and a few games upstairs. The kids enjoyed these and were happy to stay while we ate. The restaurant has a pool and if not busy you could probably convince the manager to let the kids have a swim!

Transport - The restaurant will organise pick up and drop off at your hotel at no charge.

Value - Reasonable


Food - Average wide range . Western and Indonesian.

Fans - Yes.

Site - Too noisy if at tables near the road. Legian Road, Legian. T (751091)

For the kids - The kids were entertained by a couple of rats running around behind the signs at the bar!

Transport - They say they offer transport, don't trust it if they are busy.

Value - Not great. Staff disinterested. Family around $40 (incl. drinks).


Food - Mexican.

Fans - Yes.

Site - Legian Jalan Padma Utara. T (756079)

For the kids - Pond, colourful furniture.

Transport - No .

Value - The servings were large and well presented. Family $35 40 (includes drinks).

Comments - Very clean toilets and great food. There is another in Nusa Dua which has free transport.


Food - Indonesian and vegetarian including Indian.

Fan - Yes.

Site - Main road in Legian, be prepared for the noise.

For the kids - Doesn't offer anything.The staff were really good with kids.

Transport - No.

Value - Good value and a few different tastes .

Comments - They had someone protecting the children from leaving the restaurant onto the busy road. They have good coffee and good sweets.


Food - This restaurant offers a wide range of meals including nachos, BLT sandwiches, Crostini with smoked salmon etc.

Site - North Legian on the beach - Jalan Arjuna , Legian Jaya

For the kids - A good range of Western food, it is open air with TV's, magazines a lounges . It has great beach views.

Transport - No

Value - Good

Comments - Has become expensive and not preffered for this reason. Still a great spot!


There is alot of restaurants in this strip and they are mainly on the beach. It is easy to get a taxi to the area but hard to bargain to get one home, it is however very worth the effort.

The restaurants all specialise in barbequed seafood and it is generally pretty fresh. If your kids don't love seafood the choice of other food is very limited. Side dishes of potato, rice and beans are also provided. It is quite fun listening to the musicians and there is a small market. Toilets are limited and not in good shape!

We ate at the Warung Roma. The costs were as follows, all are Rph per kg-




Food - This is an absolute must. A good menu at a good price . They did some good things with Avocado - Fans and Vinagrette.

Fan - Good airy restaurant getting sea breezes.

Site - Right on the beach front , excellent spot to watch the sun go down. There is plenty of activity to watch and keep the kids amused. 

For the kids - The restaurant also has a TV which shows the cartoon channel `. The restaurant will try to give you a table close to this.

Transport - Yes, ask your hotel staff to call the restaurant and organise

Value - Good value. Good food.

Comments - We would recommend this one


Food - Average-small serves but a good range.

Fan - Yes.

Site - On the main road, you can't miss it.

For the kids - Excellent, they have a nightly video, pool tables and sometimes live music.

Transport - Yes.

Value - OK, but you need to order entree and mains to get a good feed.

Comments - A bit old and dingy but good for a night out. They have cappuccinos when the machine is working.

ARYA'S (Planet Lovina)

Food -Really good with a wide range of Indonesian and Western.

Fan - Yes.

Site - On the main road close in to KALIBUKBUK. 

For the kids - Not much offered but there is a small dance floor for them to run around on and a small lounge area

Transport - Yes.

Value - Good value and cold beer

Comments - This is a good restaurant with really friendly staff. It is under new management. We recommend this one.


Food - We only had breakfast here but it was really good and cheap!

Fan - Yes , our electrical skills came in handy to get one working

Site - Off the main road in KALIBUKBUK down a lane that runs to the beach.

For the kids - Small restaurant facing the street plenty to see and close to shops.

Transport - No.

Value - Excellent - a good American Breakfast for 5,500 Rp. Really pleasant staff.

Comments - Recommend for breakfast. May have to wait a while if you are in a large group. Can get photos developed or send a fax/email at shops across the road.