Family Holiday

Left Adelaide via Sydney to Denpasar …gotta looove those FF Points!
Transfers were organized but the hotel somehow forgot… so we found our own way to the Bali Hai, Tuban. Transport!! No Problem!!
Bali Hai – top hotel, particularly for families. Kiddies Suites were great even if they are on the smallish size. The only thing we could fault was the 40 cm gap from the kids room/parent bed wall – it became a great excuse for little eyes to be checking out what Mum & Dad are up to! Needless to say, not much ACTION!!!
Used the Kiddy’s Club and Child Minding facilities a few times. Found both to be safe and fun for the kids. Cherie and Sylvia are absolute delights. Kiddy’s Club is free/Child Minding the princely sum of 15,000 rp (please tip big!!)
Ate at many places, from nice Restaurants to the local Warungs – never once sick. The only precaution was to wash hands with antibacterial wet ones before we ate. Be adventurous – the local Warungs are not only great for cheap food but good conversation with the locals.
Xmas night in beautiful Jimbaran Bay. Our driver had taken us to Bali Bagus and I became a little huffy because “I” wanted to decide where we were going to eat! After checking out other restaurants and much coaxing from Hubby, we went back to the Bagus with the attitude of “good luck to the driver” if he gets a kick back – we would probably do alot worse if we were in the same situation. The food was cooked to perfection – lobster, mussles, squid, finished with fruit. $130au for 4 including quite a few drinks (it was Xmas afterall).
Elephant Park - payed the minimum entry of $85 au for 4, which included an elephant ride, park tour and show – certainly a Bali hightlight.
Went to the Zoo, a little depressing – particularly for the lions and orangutang, we especially felt this beautiful man’s boredom :o(
Ubud markets – bargain shopping, especially silver – almost, no tourists there.
Monkey Forest – hated it 10 years ago still hate now… only cause I’m scared!!! Kids loved it though.
Waterbom Park - fantastic! Worth every cent.
Nightlife – unbelievably quiet. Went to the old haunts like the Bounty – lucky to be 15 people in there. Was later told by another (Aussie) hotel guest how “brave” we were to be out in Kuta!! (sheesh) shopping