Although hotels may offer this service you may find it's not all it sounds. It's hard to leave your child with people who barely speak English - how will your child communicate with the carers? The children probably wouldn't like to be left until they are about 8 years old. This does vary between hotels and many people have commented on how good the kids club is at the Dynasty.

There is always a Timezone at the Matahari shopping centres for Dad and the kids while you have a look/shop around. These are really cheap compared with home.  If you have older kids, you might also consider ordering room service for the evening meal and letting the kids stay in the hotel room while you go out for a meal.

Below are comments from site users to help you make up your mind -

"We stayed at the Bali Hai in November 2003 with our 8year old and found the kids club to be wonderful,I was a bit worried at first about leaving my daughter with strangers but as it ended up she wanted to go every day ,they take them swimming but also have activities every day,the young girl who runs it is great with the kids,her name is Sylvia and speaks with a canadian accent as she did her training in Singapore under a canadian teacher.I dont know about the Dynasty but hope this helps "

"We travel to Bali every year. Our kids are 6 and 3 at the moment.
We stay at Paradise Plaza Suites for some of our stay and the kids facilities are excellent, but we would not leave our kids alone there (many do - but we feel there is too much water).
The rest of our holiday we spend at Hard Rock in Kuta. The main reason is the pool and the location, but also the kids club. It has won awards and is internationally accredited. They do heaps of activities and not near the water.
We have also stayed at Padma and Grand Hyatt - neither kids clubs come even close."

"club med is DEFINATELY the best kids club, but its pricey and i dont feel that one gets to experiance the true Bali there. however if u want the kids off ur hair and u want to relax at a beautiful resort, its perfect. Otherwise Dynasty comes in 2nd =) "

"I can tell you that both Dynasty and Balihai Resort(orig Holiday Inn)both have great kids clubs.Yes they are more expensive but the staff actually are on to look after your kids.
I think you'll find that MBR doesn't have staff actually on specifically to look after kids.
Holiday Inn had a great kids club when we were there.- I've heard Dynasty is the same.There were kids from 2 to 13 at the Hol Inn.People were actually leaving their kids with the staff all day and watching from the pool you could tell the kids were having an absolut ball
Radisson Suites in Sanur is another hotel with great kids amenities.I think you need to find a hotel which promotes their kids club if you want to be satisfied with what your kids get. "

"We stayed at the Dynasty last year and loved it. My kids were really impressed with the kids club. Your 4 year old will need to be supervised in the kids though as anyone younger than 5 can't go in on their own. Babysitting is cheap though. Check out the web site. "Stayed at Dynasty 3 times before ,once at Patra Jasa {but never again}and 3 times at the Holiday Inn.
Both the Dynasty & holiday Inn are great resorts with very good kids
clubs,both have similar facilities and are both 4**** hotels.
My choice is the Holiday Inn, i dont know if your going in school
holidays, but if you are you will find the Dynasty very busy and
The Holiday Inn has every thing that the Dynasty has with a bigger
pool and swim up bar ,and remember this is your holiday too ,and i
believe this hotel will suit all your famliy members."