Kingsy's Bali visit

Have just returned from a wonderful 3 weeks in Bali with our 4 children - 1st time for kids.
Stayed at the Melasti Beach Resort in Jl Padma Utara in 2 suite rooms interconnecting on the ground floor.
The hotel was FANTASTIC. Great rooms absolutely huge even with the extra bed in each room. Huge beds, modern bathroom with great hot showers. The suite rooms have a sitting room partitioned off at the front with lounge seats Bali style and coffee table.
The grounds of the hotel where lovely - suite rooms in blocks of four off to each side of central pathway connecting the pool area to the beach with the pool towards the foyer and the restuarant on the beachfront, seperated by the infamous road/track under construction.
Each block had there own lawn area with surrounding gardens, beautifully maintained and was a pleasure looking off the front verandah to the garden rather than a concrete wall as in many of the bigger hotels.
The so called playground left a bit to be desired with a few old pieces of play equipment and not much else.
The pool area was certainly adequate with a shallow section of about 3 foot deep and then a deep section which was very deep in parts. There were plenty of pool lounges and always plenty of freshly laundered towels.
There was only 2 umbrellas but this didn't seem a problem as the pool was quite shaded in the afternoons.
The only downfall at poolside was the rock surrounds where quite slippery.
The massage girls at the pool did a great massage just a shame they couldn't have had a massage area for more privacy.
The staff where fine - not overly friendly however they were always polite and had a smile and hello.
Breakfast was included with any variety of egg cooked at the "egg station", with the choices changing daily between ham, bacon, sausages, noodles, rice, banana fritters, pancakes, french toast, crossaints, pastries, small cakes, juices of 4 varieties each day, fresh cut fruit - watermelon, mango, honeydew, pineapple, tea/coffee, toast jam etc. Breakfast was great with endless choices however we did feel a little sick of eggs by the end of our 3 weeks.
Whilst we where there our rooms were cleaned daily with fresh towels and linen.
Security at the enterances to the hotel where good and the hotel dog was even on guard. The safety deposit boxes where in the office totally safe with double locked keys.
All in all we had a great time at the Melasti Beach Resort and would have no hesitation going back there again. We were more than happy with our accommodation, knowing the area we had chosen for it's quiteness and by the beach and the hotel being smaller and a lot more Bali friendly than some of the larger family hotels we had previously visited...follow on comments...
Have just returned with our family of 4 kids - the youngest 2 and had a cheap little stroller from home. Well we want to frame it - it was the best thing we took - besides ourselves of course.
We stayed in Legian which is a little quieter so quite easily walked on the road beside the footpath and didn't keep one beep or piece of abuse to move over. Definetly take the stroller - it helps with the shopping too.
Take snack food as well or you could go along to the local supermarkets and buy everything you need - Matahari, Alpha or Bintang had a great range of foods but beware if you want to buy the brands we're used too ie twisties or pringles or arnotts etc you'll definitely pay more. We tried the Indonesian pack and labelled snack foods that were really cheap and great to eat.
Nappies are available from the supermarkets also.
My kids ate toasted sandwiches, pizza, chips, pancakes etc and never went hungry or had any bali belly.