For some people arriving in Bali and getting a massage is part of the relaxation process. A traditional Bali (deep tissue) massage can be delivered gently or as the name might suggest be given very firmly. If you are having a massage be clear about the firmness of massage required and if it is too hard ask the masseur to be more gentle. You will also be asked to take of all of your clothes, your private bits will be covered with towels, so you needn't be shy.

There are many places that you can get a massage , and an increasing number of salons have set up all over the island. These often have very pleasant massage rooms that offer a shower after your massage. Great if you don't like the oil on your skin.

I like the Sicilia Spa (ask for Kadek if you like a really strong massage!) in Jalan Arjuna Seminyak. (HP 0818 355 602) and the Zen in Ubud (see Links)

Prices are :

Tradition massage (1 hour) 60,000 Rph

Facial (1 hour) 60 - 80,000 Rph

Manicure/Pedicure 40,000 Rph

Herbal Bath (1 hr 30 min) 100,000 Rph - Deep tissue massage, body peeling and yoghurt wash ...

You will be offered a massage if you walk on the beach or they are available in many hotels. The beach massages are cheaper (you can bargain here) but may be inferior and not take the full time nominated. The mats used might be a bit grubby. You could take your own oil or preferred cream.

The price of massages can vary widely and there are also a number of spa's and salons where they are available. Most hotels have a massage hut or offer massages around the pool. Prices we have heard of range from 20,000 to 120,000 Rph.

A typical massage hut at the pool at Suji Bungalows ( rear right in pic )

Balinese massage can be a bit rough for some people, but you can tell the masseur whether you want it gentle or strong. We actually let the kids have a massage during our last visit and the girls were much more gentle than they were with us!

Go to to check out some great prices for some great massage treatments in Ubud.

Recommendations from other travellers follow -

"A bit more upmarket try- Secret Garden In Jl Legian (near Jl Melasti. Print the coupon on the webpage.
I had a discount coupon off their web page, 15% off if you have 2 treatments. Itís new and nicely decorated. I had the Traditional Body Scrub ( 2hr massage, body scrub, yoghurt wash and petal bath -105.000) plus the Hair cream bath (hair wash, condition, massage 60.000). The Hair cream bath was ordinary but the massage, scrub was excellent." The website can be found at

"If you want cheap ut still good, go to-
Salon Made Jl Benesari (round corner from Adhi Dharma)(lane beside Legian Garden)Massage 29,000 hr. Head, shoulder, back massage and hair creme wash- 20,000. Hair cut 14.000 I went here a few times."


A manicure might just involve painting flowers on your fingernails or cutting and filing. The techniques may be a little rough for your liking. Make sure you explain exactly what you are after. These are available on the street and make sure you settle on a price before the process starts.

When having this done on the street you will become a target for other hawkers, sometimes it is better to have it done in a salon, shop or your hotel if you want some peace and quiet.