Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana - Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Padangtegal, Ubud Bali

There are alot of stories about the monkeys and the monkey forests in Bali. This forest is well controlled and if you are sensible and follow the rules. The monkeys are well behaved.

So what are the rules to follow -

Remember it is important to treat monkeys with respect, the forest is their home and you are visiting them. You are their guests! You will also be asked to stay on the paved paths. The monkeys may become aggressive if you stray into their home areas.

The monkeys in the forest are called Balinese or long tailed macaques. there are now around 139 macaques in the forest. there are 10 adult males, 55 adult females  and 74 young monkeys. The adult males are the larger monkeys with the big teeth, They can weigh up to 10 kilograms. The females are a bit smaller and weigh up to eight kilograms, you can tell them by their 'moustaches' - not like humans.

Most of the baby monkeys are born during May to August. Mum and Dad are protective of their babies, so do not get between mum and a baby as she may get upset.

The monkey forest is a holy place and an important ecological reserve.

There are three holy temples in the forest. the Pura Dalem Agung is the main temple for the village of Padangtegal. This temple is in the southwest of the main forest area.

There is also the Holy Bathing temple which is down a long flight of stairs near the stream, this is in the northwest of the forest.

The thiid temple is the Pura Prajapati (cremation) is on the eastern side of the forest near the graveyard.

The monkey forest is great value and a good way to spend a morning. It is cheap at 10,000 Rph for adults and 5,000 Rph for children. The forest has a market and their are markets and restaurants outside the front gates.