The T-shirt – surf gear markets. These can also be bought at the beach and the markets are all over the Island. In recent times there has also been market shops set up which are set price and are very cheap and make life easy early in your visit . Tootsies at the Sindhu Beach market in Sanur are a good place to start.

The markets work similarly to the hawkers on the street; offer about 25 - 40% of the initial price and hold as firm as you can. Walk away and if they keep asking for offers you are somewhere close to the price.

Prices we achieved without too much hassle were:



The "genuine" surf shops are often good value and air-conditioned, so have a good shop around.

Surfer Girl in Legian street is a big hit with teenage girls and stocks most of the major surf brands. They also sell Roxy perfume accessories etc.

There is a Surf Shop factory outlet on the main road on the way to Denpasar , where you can get some good deals. They sell Quicksilver, Roxy and other brands and their prices are a bit cheaper than the shops in town.

Matahari Department stores in Kuta/Legian and Denpasar and Ramayana Department Store in Denpasar all offer a good range of gear but often sizes are limited and small sizes easier to find. The prices are set and stores are air-conditioned.

DVD's and VCD's are increasingly popular, you can buy them at many outlets on Jalan Legian and around Matahari, also from guys like Helgi (see links page)

There are many tailors on the streets. We had good results with a tailor in Legian known as Victory( Padma Utara St) , we paid 110,000 Rph to have two dresses made , we supplied the material. They prefer to have an item to copy and it is also an idea to take your own cotton and material. They take longer to copy from a pattern or picture so bring a favourite item and you will be satisfied. They will adjust items free. It is a good idea to inspect a sample of work before you commit and do not be afraid to shop around and barter.

Sports shops are popping up all over the place. Joggers can be good value - but you need to shop around, there’s a good range of Adidas, Converse, Reebok and Nike. The clothing can also be good value but you often need to shop around to get your size.

There is also swimming gear such as goggles and kickboards available.

The music shops are also common and you can buy latest release CDs for around 75,000 Rp . They are imported and the price will change as does the exchange rate. You can expect to pay around $15 for latest release CDs.

Electronic gear is not cheap. Buy it duty free and carry it with you. You may be stopped at the airport and queried as to what it is for. Make it clear that it is for personal use and you will be taking it home with you.

There are also many shops selling wood carvings and other objects made from wood and bamboo including CD holders in all sorts of designs, chimes and mobiles (we paid 15,000 Rp for a fish mobile). If the kids want to buy you need to check the item thoroughly for any signs of wood borers or other insects . If there are signs of this they will be taken from you when you go through customs on the way home and end up with very sad kids. To further ensure getting the goods home, we would suggest you thoroughly spray them with an all purpose fly spray and then enclose them in a plastic bag to kill any bugs that you may not have been able to see.

If you are a keen fisherman there is an excellent fishing and tackle shop in Denpasar , not too far from Matahari. Items such as Penn and Shimano reels cost about a third of what you would pay at home.