Sleepless kids comments

Hello,I'm just back from 10 fabulous days in Bali. I got such a lot of great advice from this site I thought I would give some back.
We took our two sons (8 & 4) with us. Our GP advised as we were only going for 10 days and we were not in a Malarial area we didn't require any vaccinations or malaria medication.
I packed the following first aid kit:
-- Antibiotic ointment (for cuts/abrasions). **Betadine as AB ointment not avail in Aust

-- Antibiotic tablets (for severe bacterial forms of diarrhoea). **Not needed if you are not going into the jungle
-- Antifungal cream/powder (for tinea).
-- Antiseptic ointment (for cleaning wounds). **Betadine

-- Panadol for adults and suspension for children
-- Antihistamine, eg Clarantyne
-- Band-aids.
-- Calamine lotion. **Stingose gel

-- Gauze bandage.
-- Electrolyte replacement tablets (to replace body salts lost through sweating or diarrhoea). **I took Hydrolyte for freeze it like a popsicle

-- Imodium (for symptomatic relief of diarrhoea).
-- Donnagel for children’s diarrhoea
-- Insect repellent (containing DEET). **RID roll-on is great
-- Personal medications (always carry prescriptions).

-- Safety pins.
-- Scissors.
-- Soap.
-- Sunscreen.
-- Aloe vera gel for sunburn
-- Thermometer (non-mercury type).
-- Ti-tree oil (an excellent general antiseptic).
-- Toilet paper/facial tissues.
-- Tweezers.
-- Wet Ones/wipes.
AND No one got sick or sunburnt:-) We only drank bottled water and we cleaned our teeth with bottled water. We took our own water bottles and filled them with water we bought in 6litre containers from the supermarkets. We NEVER ate never know how long that sausage has sat there:-)
Do pack a spare pair of clothes on the plane for the kids. My 4 yo threw up just as we landed!
I found talking books from the library for the kids perfect for sitting around in airports and long drives. We stayed just outside Ubud at Ananda cottages and in Sanur at the Radisson Suites. Would recommend both places.
We didn't take ANY food with us to the monkey forest and the monkies avoided us, they were not interested if we didn't have food.
Eating at the beach restaurants meant the kids could beachcomb while they waited for their dinner:-)
The Balinese adore children which makes life so easy. We got a baby sitter one night in Sanur..grand total of $9 for three hours and we had a lovely evening at Jimbarin Bay.
The Radisson Suites have one draw back...they are not walking distance to anything BUT this is minor compared with all the pluses.
We stayed 7 nights and were given a 50% off food and drink voucher which made eating in the hotel almost cheaper than going out. But hey we were in Bali so we went out most nights but the nights the kids were wiped it didn't break the bank to have room service.
The shuttle bus stops at a big supermarket which sells fresh food as well as packaged. BUT 400metres from the suites is a local supermarket that sells all packaged foods and UHT milk. Turn right at the gate way of the hotel and keep walking.
We ate at Segara Agung on the beach. We rang them, they picked us up, we ate, wandered the markets and they drove us home. Transport was free and many restaurants do that. Otherwise a taxi to Sanur is about $2
We took advantage of the recreation program at the Suites...we went to the wet market, a temple and sunrise bike ride. NOt many people went and often it was just the four or us.
Hope all that helps with anyone planning a trip with kids. Our kids had a ball and the four year old said, "mum, I'm sad to leave Bali" and that pretty much summed it up.