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Many of our members have been visiting Bali since the 1980’s and have a strong affinity for the island. We have been involved in a number of charitable projects there through Rotary International. Our own Rotary Club of Swan Valley in Western Australia did not have a vast amount of money, so in 1999 we looked for a project that could have an impact on tomorrow’s generation.

Because schooling is not compulsory in Bali, and the costs involved are equal to over a months average income for one person, a lot of children were dropping out of school. Although these kids were keen to gain an education, some were simply not going to receive it because of the costs involved. This is even more evident away from the tourist areas. We chose to support an area around Sembung, which is a small village in an agricultural-type region about 45 minutes drive north of Denpasar on the road through to Singaraja.

For A$110 a year per student, we pay all the children’s school fees, provide their books and pencils, etc, school uniforms (including shoes and schoolbags), with additional nutrition and vitamins distributed on a monthly basis, and with a little left over to supply medication for worm eradication which are a major problem because of traditional hygiene coupled with lack of good water and would afflict 80% of the kids without treatment.

It should be borne in mind, that to have a reasonable impact, you should be prepared to continue sponsoring children preferably through their Elementary Schooling if possible, but at least for three years.

All the equipment is supplied through the Rotary Club of Denpasar, so the money is certainly not squandered. It is also very much a voluntary project and, as such, sometimes has flaws. One of the problems we get is that we don’t receive quite as much correspondence from the kids as we would like. We do get some of their school reports, but because of their poor English and the cost of postage, we rely upon the Rotary Club to bulk mail back to us. However, we try and the more sponsors we get, the greater the benefit.

This project continues to promote and foster genuine international goodwill with sponsors encouraged to visit the schools and children while holidaying on the island. Simply let me know when you are going and I will put you in touch with the Rotary Club of Denpasar who will either arrange to transport you to the school, or at the least, give you simple and easy directions for your driver. As Club members visit the school every month to distribute nutrition, etc, your trip out may well coincide.

The project is registered and supervised through Rotary Australia World Community Service (R.A.W.C.S) and as such, all donations and sponsorships are Tax Deductible in Australia. As a Rotary Project, not one cent is ever taken to cover any so-called management fees, etc. If you would like to know more about this or several other projects (and have an excuse to visit Bali), feel free to contact me. However, if you are already convinced and would like to become a part of Helping The Children, you can simply send me you details together with your cheque for A$110 per child and made payable to "R.A.W.C.S – Bali Sembung Project". Once we have identified a worthy child we will send you this information.


Please cut along dotted line and return to Rotary Club of Swan Valley

who will record your details & forward your cheque to RAWCS



Bali Projects Committee

Please return payments to:

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 I would like to sponsor ____ child / children at A$130 each per year and have enclosed my

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Sponsorship payments can be made by Cheque, Money Order or Direct Bank Transfer.

Cheques and Money Orders must be made payable toRAWCS – Bali Sembung Project”.

Direct Bank Transfers can be made to:

National Australia Bank

BSB Number:             086-136

Account Number:       04842-0469

Account Name:           Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd      (RAWCS)


When making your transfer it is imperative for you to include your NAME in the “Description” or “Narration” section of the bank form otherwise it is impossible to identify your payment amongst others on the same date and for the same amount.

After you have made your bank transfer, please send me an email letting me know the Reference Details to help the Treasurer to identify your particular deposit.