Checking out the birds..


The Taman Burung Bali Bird Park is near Batubulan. The park has a large number of different birds - more than 1000, a good restaurant (they make a great breakfast) and snack and gift shops. There is an area where there are tame birds,they are all bred on the Park, and hey will allow you to have them sit on your children's shoulders and arms. They include an African Hornbill who is really well skilled at catching car keys and the kids will love him. The cost to enter this park in combination  with the reptile park was 103,000Rp for Adults plus 10% tax.

You either need to go on a tour to get to the Park or organise your own transport. We organised our own transport (cheaper and more flexible) and this enabled us to get to the Park early before the tour buses arrive. The park opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm. In the hotel section see the contact details for Linda to get a price for a minibus.


There are plenty of local reptiles that you can get close and cosy with. The kids can pick them up and this makes it a great experience. There are also more dangerous creatures in the cages - mega snakes etc. and these are also impressive. This is worth the visit.

Kids with a monitor lizard at the Reptile Park