There are many forms of transport on the Island including air-conditioned taxis. We found that the Blue Taxis (T 701111) were easy to deal with, clean and the air conditioners worked. They also all have meters so if you are not sure of the fare, ask the driver to use the meter. It is well received to round the fare up to the nearest 1000 Rp.

If you want a car for a day you could consider hiring a taxi at a cost of around $ 40-45. 

If you are planning to stay in Candi Dasa or Lovina it would also be worthwhile looking at alternative forms of transport to the transfers offered.

WARNING All taxis drivers should have a license around their neck or in their car; avoid those that do not have a license.

TIP You can now book the Blue taxis for the day ! They are clean, aircons work and well worth considering.