Warbes just back.........

Well it that time. To give something back to this forum. We are 4. Mum (me) Ruby 11, Pip9, and Finn, he is 8. husband stayed home and gave us this great present! we are soooo lucky. I had just returned myself in April, he sent me over for 4 nights for my birthday! So twice in one year!
We flew from Perth on Garuda. Great flight. Touched down early. Exitted the airport and went to the taxi rank and paid rp 15000 for taxi to the Green Garden Hotel. (see my previous posting). Checked in and straight to the pool of course! dragged them out to hit the streets! Changed money. It hovered between rp5200 & rp5500. So not to bad. First thing I did was to get their hair done. Saves hassles! Not a problem! We wre swamped. Got it done cheap maybe too cheap as it did not last long! Oh well we will have another opportunities to have it done! We went to mataharis as we did several times. I much prefere the Legian one as it seems that if you cannot get it at kuta you will at legian! Back to the hotel for more swimming, drag them out and have dinner at the hotel and then back to the pool! Bedtime! Up early the next day and off th tootsie at the Sindhu markets in Sanur. Set price. Excellent no hassels with bartering. Walked along the promenade eating ice cream and checking out the hotels. Got transport back and arranged a tour with driver to Kintamani. Hit the streets in kuta again and did some more haggleling kids loved it! I was suggesting all thease things to do and all they wanted to do was shop! and here I was thinkling that I would hardly do any! Went to the Pantai for dinner. Finn played on the beach and the girls did some wheeling and dealing with a beach seller. Dinner was nice. Walk home got lost so back to the beach to cut through the Ramamda Bintang. Late night swim and bed. Next morning WATERBOM They have been hangging out for it! (see my response prev. posting!) We were very tired but out to Melasti st for more shopping. Next day up for our tour to Kintamani. Pouring with rain! 1st stop Barong dancing it was very beautiful Kids wriggled a little bit. Off to the silver smiths. Not interested! told driver no more shop stops unless we want them! OK Ubud monkey forrest. A bit scarry for kids. I would not recommend taking food as they smell it and race over. Better to watch everyone else feed them!Up to volcanoe. Had a fantastic lunch with geat views! Hang the expense. Kids were amazed by it all. People say do not bother but we loved it. NOt one person to sell us anything! Back down to Bird and reptile parks. It cost rp300000 to get in and I thought a bit pricey. were told not to bother with reptile park! I'm glad we did as the kids like it better than the bird! Maybe it was because it was late arvo and most snakes etc were awake. home and just in time for a swim! the next day out for more shopping in and around Kuta. At 5 we are getting picked up to got out to Ulawatu. Monkeys again! This time we were very wary! Our driver came with us with a stick. Pip also had a very large one. the views were stunning and the monkies behaved. Home and out to the Taman Legian Garden for dinner where Finn fell in love with our waitress Wayan and he ate 18 satay sticks! Needless to say we went back and took her a present! Next day back to tootsies and spent more. We also had our hair done again and I had a foot and head massage. Finn played on the beach. It was nice sitting looking over the ocean and getting pampered! Way to go! Last day and we hung around last minute shopping that lasted all day one hour to pack. Shoved all 69kg in and had snack at hotel and waited for taksi. Looking forward to long wait for plane when a nice shop lady in departure lounge called kids in to play cards on her computer! Perfect! Rough flight home but we survived! Arrived at 2am and picked up the car and drove south to Collie. Got home at 5am Dead tired! Sleep!
Over all we had a fantastic time and I had no trouble with the kids. The balinese loved them. We caught lots of taksi to save time and energy. Kids did a bit of bartering and really got the hang of it. Kids got the trots on last day but not the sprints. that was to be expected. We ate at kfc pizza hut (the best) and maccas. Had brekky mainly at the hotel as it was easier. Checked out a few hotels for next time. I took the kids out at nite to Kuta and we walked around and had fun. Kids really enjoyed the pool as they had it to their selves most of time. they were the only kids staying there so they got heaps of attension from everyone!
Well that's it. Fairly brief in detail so any questions and I'd be only to happy to answer! One more thing we are definately going back!