Which river should you choose which is safe for your first race down the river with the kids? We explored the options and settled on the Ayung River, which runs through Ubud. This is a river which will allow children who are 8 years and older. The price of the different options varies on the length of river you cover. There are both half and full day tours. The morning half-day tour includes lunch and drink after you finish. This is an exhilarating way to spend a day and if you are happy to spend the dollars -–it’s relatively expensive - have a go. The costs vary and you can get specials .

Hint: The early morning pickup 7.30 am is better as you are not on the river in the heat of the day. Be prepared to walk down the hill to get in the boat and back up again at the end – not for the lazy. You will get saturated…








Here are a few comments from rafters -

It is a great day whoever you choose to use. I have only used Sobek and have never faulted them. As to shoes, I buy off the streets a pair of surf sandles just for White Water Rafting. don't wear thongs as they will come off, don't wear good sneakers.
You will have the best day out.
Mr Jeff 01/04

We went with sobek and it was all fantastic - the scenery was amazing and the meal afterwards was very nice as well. Lisa 01/04

I recommend Adventure Tours, they have an office opposite Mataharis in the main road. And if you want to save a few dollars - as it's all priced in USD, can do the afternoon trip, (you just dont get the smorgasbord lunch). That's what we did 11/03

hi.....would advice you to use the bali international rafting at telaga waja river..its more clean,fresh and nice landscape.the one at ayung river a little bit dirty as too many hotels.restaurants were build along the river...it takes 7 steps to start and hundres step after finishing the wwr.price is rp. 250.000 per person include transportation,buffet lunch,insurance, helmet,river guide and imagine you will raft under a waterfall 11/03We went last week on the Ayung River with Adventure. Just loved it. They havn't had recent rain but that didn't matter was still good. I havn't been to the other river so can't comment on that. Beautiful scenery and lots of fun and a buffet lunch and shower after - cost 250,000rp. I would definately do it again. 400 steps down to the river and 210 steps up, have fun!!! Robyn 11/03

There are a few things that we always do. One of them is white water rafting. We have been four times and each time with different companies. We decided to go with Sobek. We had got a fairly good deal whilst we were at the Bali Expo in Perth. Off we went.After we got our gear, we negotiated the 509 steps (so Gin told us). We had a great time and lots of fun. We floated down stream for the end. The lunch that they put on is definitely the best out of all that we've had and they are very professional, no pumping up the rafts because of the leaks, or naked boys using them as bouncy castles. Up some more steps, about half the amount but as we tried to tackle the uneven steps we had to also tackle the sellers on the way up, huffing and puffing and they were in-your-face, standing in your way and tried to nicely say, 'tidak, terima kasih.' It was good to see that Gin was huffing too, considering how many times he's climbed the steps. What amazed me was seeing the ladies deflate these rafts, fold them up and place them on a towel that has been folded into a ring and then the others place the raft on her head and she negotiates those same steps. Then there are others with big bundles with our helmets and oars and life jackets in them. It was amazing to see them. Gin told us that another lady goes up with them and they swap half way, but still. All I had was me and a small bag and that was enough.. Garielle 11/03