Landing in Bali


The first time you arrive at the airport in Bali can be a bit of a challenge so we thought we would give you a few tips.

Tip One - Wear light comfortable clothing on the plane. When you arrive you will probably be transported to the arrival lounge by a bus . When that warm tropical air hits you it can be like a brick wall!

Tip Two - Avoid using the porters until you have been to Bali a few times. They can be quite insistent but politely say no and they will get the message. If you do use them the rate per bag is 1000 - 1500 Rph.

Tip Three - There are autotellers in the arrival hall, these work fine and it is a cheaper place to get some local cash than at your home airport. There are also moneychangers in the area after you get your luggage that offer reasonable rates.

Tip Four - There is a taxi office to the right of where you leave the departure hall. It is a simple and regulated system and is alot cheaper than the transfers you may be offered by your travel agents. it is also quicker as you do not have to wait until other passengers come through the arrival hall before you head off to your hotel. The taxi rates at the airport are preset, you do not need to barter.

Tip Five - If you are only passing through Bali, there is a luggage store also to the left of the doors that you leave the airport through. If you have an interconnecting flight it saves you carting luggage into town. Prices are cheap.

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