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Getting Ready To Go.....

The excitement builds as the date of departure gets closer .......

When going to Bali we would recommend that you don't take too much gear - particularly clothing, as it is cheap and plentiful when you get there. The weather can be hot and the basic clothing to wear is light, cool and casual .This includes going out to restaurants and daily street wear. Take an empty suitcase and fill it as you go - forget the washing until you get home ( Although in many of the smaller hotels and local laundries you can get your clothes washed and pressed at really good prices).

Carry a couple of knapsacks onto the plane as they’ll be handy to carry around gear during your holiday. Your kidz can pack this with some of their favorite things to keep them busy at the airport and on the plane on the way to Bali.

The following are a few ideas for items to take with you when you are packing :



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The following list might be useful when packing:

: Most items can be purchased in chemists/supermarkets but you may not be able to understand the labels/directions so it's best to take your own , where possible.


If you have younger children , you should also consider packing the following :


A couple of other things to remember-